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From death to life:  Reflections on Good Friday and the Great Vigil

May 7, 2015

It’s been more than a month now, and I am still realizing just how much this year’s Holy Week was especially powerful for me personally, as I reflected on death and dying, on what it means to dwell in darkness, of unexpected joy that comes with the new fire and the light of day.  During Lent, as I walked along with Christ toward Jerusalem, the untimely and tragic death of a friend, along with diagnoses of cancer in the lives of two dear friends as well as of the children of three friends and co-workers — all people I love and hold dear —  all hit hard and taken a toll.  So my homilies came from that place of deep reflection, of yearning, of not understanding yet reaching out in faith, in need.

It fell to me to preach about the quiet dark of the cross on Good Friday and the renewed hope of light in the midst of death, of rebirth, in The Great Vigil.  Here are audio recordings those sermons.

May you know the presence of God in the midst of death and the hope of Christ and resurrection, both now and for ever more.

Good Friday sermon, titled, Today is a Hard Day:

The Great Vigilof Easter sermon, titled The Myhrrbearers

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  1. Patricia Brooke permalink

    Carol, I read this this week while sitting with my mother at the hospital after a fall and hip surgery, and now in hospice.  Thank you for your reflection – it meant a lot to me. Blessings,Patty P.S.  Really enjoyed having Dan at St. David’s — he IS a great teacher!!   

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